How does energy healing work? How can we believe that healing is taking place when a healing practitioner is working on us?

First, everything is by intention and it isn’t the practitioner working on you that is healing you - you are allowing the healing to happen, the practitioner allows the healing energy to flow through them to you. They are acting as a conduit to divine or higher universal consciousness. But, a patient has the same capability to heal themselves. Just like the energy healing practitioner allows the energy to flow through them to the patient, a patient can allow healing to flow directly through them, if they choose to. The thing is, we don't believe we can heal ourselves. When you allow a practitioner to work on you, you believe this practitioner can help you as they have studied the energy healing modality, and, therefore, must know more. Because of this, you allow the healing to happen.

To see healing in action, watch thisYoutube video from Gregg Braden. He shows realtime footage of a person being healed of a tumor with the help and belief of a couple of practitioners who chant certain healing words while focusing on the person's healing.

I, myself, have had clients who have felt that their ailments were alleviated after working on them. I know that this can’t be emperically proven, but when someone is open to healing, trusts the person, believes the person to be a conduit of healing, is ready for the healing, and allows the energy,  healing can happen for them. The energy medicine practitioner who is treating the patient should see the patient as already healed, already whole, already perfect.

Anita Moorjani, author of Dying to be Me, was riddled with cancer. Diagnosed as terminal, she eventually went into a coma, and had an near death experience. She realized that she was more than this body. She saw how the tapestry of her life had been woven, the interconnectedness of everything. She realized she had created the disease within her by the thoughts and emotions that were stuck in her body. When she realized how powerful she was, she could either choose to stay in non- physical or choose to come back to her illness-riddled body. If she came back, she knew she could heal herself. She knew she could choose. When she came back, her body was healed of cancer within weeks. 

Jesus had been known to be a healer by healing the sick. The reason Jesus was able to do this was he saw people as already healed, already whole. He believed that he was an open conduit to divine healing, and people were able to believe enough in his ability to heal them, when all they were doing was allowing universal consciousness, their higher selves, to flow into them to heal them. Their belief was enough to heal them and they allowed it.

Is this all real? Dr. Joe Dispenza has done extensive research on how people can heal themselves by working with the emotional body, changing thoughts and emotion. This is all about energy and intention. Can someone else “heal” you?  Someone else isn’t healing you, you are allowing the healing to come through you through another person. You could heal yourself of any ailment if you believed in yourself enough.

Information about energy and energy medicine is becoming more and more prevalent, as more stories are told and more research is done. Energy medicine is very real. We have to understand that everything has a frequency, not just your radio station. Watch this YouTube video by Dr. Bruce Lipton and this video from Gregg Braden.

​Of course, energy medicine, energy healing is not to be replaced with receiving a diagnosis and treatment from your doctor. Always speak to your health care practitioner about any health issues. 

Does Energy Healing Work?