What is Love Alchemy Coaching?
Love Alchemy is a unique form of one-on-one coaching that focuses on helping individuals develop self-love and positive self-image. Drawing inspiration from alchemical processes, Love Alchemy utilizes a structured approach to guide individuals through their journey of self-discovery and self-love.

One-on-one Love Alchemy Coaching assists with transmuting lower energies, emotions, thoughts, patterns, and habits into a higher vibration. 

Ancient Alchemy wasn’t about turning base metals into gold; it was more about the transformation and the transmutation of old programming into a higher level of awareness. This alchemization, when done correctly, brought about change and a birth of what is known as the Alchemical Child. The Alchemical Child is a union of opposites—the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Both are required to have a Divine Union within.

This coaching process will be similar. You will go through seven stages of alchemization to create and birth something new. 

​Stage 1: Awareness - Breaking Attachment

This stage is about becoming aware of thoughts, emotions and patterns so they can be burned away, eliminating them to make room for the new.

Stage 2: Awakening - The Subconscious

This is where we take what has been burned away and work with the rest. You are sorting and sifting through what was calcinated. You are ending the relationship with who you thought you were to become who you truly are.

Stage 3: Observation - Filtering

If the first two stages have been successful, the process of observation is where we look at what’s left. This is where you have to be honest about those things you believe are helpful but they have actually held you back.

Stage 4: Convergence - Bringing Together

This stage is about the bringing together and converging of elements. Bringing the spirit and soul, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine together to create a whole.  Bring together those that were filtered and separated – the unconscious and conscious.

Stage 5: Rebirth - A New Way

This stage is where the beliefs and patterns are put to the test to see if a birthing of the new can happen.

Stage 6: Purification - Clearing

This is where further purification happens through review, contemplation, meditation on what we experienced, what is left and what we may still be attached to.

If we are experiencing residual from past patterns then we must go back to do another review.

Stage 7: Connection - Know Thyself

This is where things become solidified – matter and spirit, inner world and outer world are all alchemized

and in harmony.

This coaching is in 8 stages – the seven stages listed above plus one stage of follow-up.

Video via Google Meet – 2 hours bi-weekly with 8 distance healing (online) sessions

Course materials

Regular: $1340

Sale: $999

Payment plans available. $400 must be paid before first session. ​

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