​Energy healing has been around for centuries. If you are unsure of the benefits,

click here to read my article called Does Energy Healing Work? 
Energy healing, like Reiki, is about helping to clear the energetic field—basically a tune up. Remember, we are energy and when our energy field is out of alignment, then it can create disharmony and dis-ease in the body. Traumatic events can leave ourselves open to energetic attack or debris from lower vibrational energy all around us. If we aren’t aware, it can latch onto us altering our own vibration.

The heart has the largest electromagnetic field than the brain and has been shown to have an intelligence of its own,

overriding the brain’s messages if it chooses to.

What can you expect from a energy healing session? I am a Reiki Master but I do things differently than most energy healers. This is where intuition and divine guidance enters into the picture. I tap into divine guidance and receive messages on where to place my hands, what messages to relay, and what words or sounds to chant to help with your healing process.

During your session, you may experience relaxation, tingling sensations, intuitive knowing/understanding, emotional release, memories, and overall peace. Over several days following the treatment, you may feel lingering emotions, healing improvements,

tired or increased energy, or further peace and contentment.

You will always be held in a space of love.

With energy healing, you must have the intention and hold the intention of healing/releasing the parts that no longer serve you.

Remember: You are the healer of your life. I’m merely leading you to the door to walk through it.

Sometimes we need guidance because it is hard to see the path.

I also offer tandem services of one on one self-love coaching with energy healing. Click here to learn more.

In-person Energy Session:  $65 for one hour. 

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​Distance Energy Healing

What is Distance Healing?

Distance or remote healing happens when the healer is doing the healing via from a distance. The client is in their own space in a relaxed state while enjoying the benefits.

Does it work?

Everything is energy, and when we intend to send healing energy to the other person, and the other person is open and allowing,
then the benefits will be received easily.

Energy healing is done through Google Meet video chat. A quick and easy intake form is required and then a preliminary chat prior to the session. Once done, I will bring you out of the session. You will also be sent a follow-up email.

Online Energy Healing Session - $40.00 for one hour

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